Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching Sessions

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Welcome to Spiritual Support Services with Rev. Dr. Tracy L. Cox, D.D. Offering one on one spiritual mentoring and coaching consultations in person at my private Aurora, Ontario office, or worldwide by phone or webcam. Have you ever found yourself going through issues or a crisis and not being able to talk to anyone about it?  Are you looking for a  professional that can offer support and understanding that works in our rapidly changing environment?  Would you like to address your issues in a safe space that is 100% confidential? I care, and I can help.

Spiritual Coaching

I have been working with people spiritually for over 25 years. All of my consultations are offered with a Spiritual Wellness approach.  People of all beliefs can benefit from their time spent with me.  Together, we will examine your issues, formulate an action plan, and forge ahead to overcome your challenges.  I have extensive experience in helping my clients with:

Marriage Preparation Programs

Marital Issues



Caregiver Burnout


Death and Dying


Crisis and Crisis of Faith

Health Challenges

Specialist in Supporting Victims of Narcissists

Healing from Narcissistic Wounds

Handling all Life Transitions

Spiritual support for patients and their caregivers.   

Ongoing support groups where you can share your journey, as well as one on one support for patients and their caregivers.  100% confidential.

My Approach

My goal in our time together is to teach you how to tap into your own spiritual centre and learn spiritual tools to help you overcome your challenges.


I have been awarded my Doctor of Divinity degree and wrote my dissertation on the scientific study of the Power of Prayer.  My research has also covered the scientific study of the healing power of meditation.  I use this information to help my clients in my spiritual coaching practice.  

Spiritual Breakthrough Session $97

For new clients, I offer a Spiritual Breakthrough Session, to give you a little uplifting information that you can use immediately on your spiritual path.  Please email me at tracy@divineheartcentre.ca to inquire about this unique hour long session, that allows you to sample some of the things that I do in a consultation.

Unbelievable value!  A taste test of my spiritual coaching services.

Fee Structure

Please note, all sessions are presented with a Spiritual Wellness approach.  People of all beliefs can benefit from our time together.

One hour consultion, in person at my Aurora, Ontario office, or worldwide by phone or webcam $100.00

Spiritual Program Package: Three targeted one hour sessions, worldwide by phone, webcam, or in person at my Aurora, Ontario office $250.00

All sessions can be paid by cash, E transfer, major credit card or Paypal.

I offer my services with Love, and it is my honour to share the Love and Light with my clients.

Free No Obligation Consultation

I offer a free no obligation 10 minute consultation to see if working with me is right for you.  Call 289 879-0177 or email tracy@divineheartcentre.ca today!

A note from Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, DD

The spiritual coaching that I offer is non-medical, nonclinical, non-secular in nature and intent. I am a graduate of the University of Sedona, and have studied extensively and have been thoroughly tested in the principles, practices, and the lifestyle improvements taught by the IMM Ministries.  Such studies involve an extensive exploration of New Thought, Metaphysical,  Transcendent, Transpersonal, and in-depth mystical interpretations of Christ and others.    This spiritual coaching is for the purpose of improving one’s life and bringing forth the latent God-given potentials within oneself. No therapeutic value is guaranteed or implied. If, during spiritual coaching, a therapeutic outcome or healing of any kind is experienced, it is as a result of the Grace of God’s Presence having intervened during the coaching process.    Spiritual coaching is a spiritual outreach ministry of Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, DD.