Funeral Services


Funeral Celebrant and Clergy Services

Sacred Ceremony for End of Life Transition, Celebration of Life, Memorials, Funerals, and Interment   

My Spiritual Approach to Death

 Too often in the modern age, the process of death and dying is pushed aside in fear, instead of being honoured as a sacred rite of passage which all of us must experience.  Let me help you through this spiritual journey.   

In my training as an Ordained Minister as well as a Funeral Celebrant, I am uniquely qualified to offer ceremonies to reflect your own unique form of spirituality.  Every service that I offer is completely custom written for each client, and can be religious, non religious, or simply spiritual.   

As an Ontario Registered member of the Clergy, my code of conduct is very strictly adhered to, and you can be sure that everything that you share with me will be kept strictly confidential. 

Funeral Services

 Religious or non religious Celebration of Life and Interment:  I will work closely with you to write a fitting service for your dearly departed.  Through a series of questions, we will build a completely custom service to reflect you and your loved one’s spiritual beliefs.  As  a member of the Clergy, I honour all paths, and am trained to offer moving spiritual and non religious funerals, as well as more traditional ceremonies.  I will never try to convert you, or sneak in religion if you do not want it included!    

End of Life Transition

  I am trained in performing Spiritual Last Rites for the dying and deceased.  These spiritual ceremonies can be religious, non religious or spiritual, and custom written to reflect your own unique form of spirituality.  I am also a Reiki Master, so many of my clients ask me to include elements of Reiki in these rites.  Let us ease your loved one into their Eternity with comfort, love and positive healing energy.    


 I am a trained Spiritual Mentor and Coach, and offer these completely confidential sessions in my comfortable Aurora Ontario office, or worldwide by phone or webcam.  My very unique background in spiritual work from an early age allows me to connect with people from all walks of life.  I care, and I can help. 

No obligation consultation available

 For a no obligation consultation, please call me any time at 289 879-0177, or email me at to review my different services and packages available.  I would be truly honoured to work with you during this sacred time of transition.